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by Charne van der Merwe

A city slicker might think the Grahamstown equivalent of medical care amounts to a lone apothecary sign, a pair of rusty pliers and a bottle of whisky thrown in for good measure. Tumbleweed and donkey carts aside, this small town vibe by no means diminishes the range of health care services Grahamstown has to offer.
  Whether you are a local, student or tourist, there is a variety of excellent practitioners including doctors, dentists, optometrists and other medical specialists to consult.In the event of serious illness or injury, a total of three state hospitals as well as a number of general practitioners, a district surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon and specialist physician are available to administer medical care. All of these amenities are supported by an excellent foundation of nine community health care clinics. In addition to these services there are optometrists, dentists, a dental and oral health care centre, physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a chiropractor based in Grahamstown.
  If you have fallen victim to the onslaught of the typical “four seasons in one day” weather and are suffering from any common ailment, the various chemists play an integral role in maintaining a healthy life-style. In addition to the in-house clinic services they also provide access to a number of clinics such as beauty, weight reduction, and diabetic clinic to name a few.
  However, if the remedy to your problem does not come in a bottle, there are other avenues afforded to you for emotional support. Serious problems such as dependence on drugs or alcohol, eating disorders, and emotional disorders can be discussed with any of the clinical psychologists available in town or the relevant welfare organization. There is also the expertise of a number of complementary therapists available for those who want to supplement conventional medical methods to ensure a holistic approach to healing body, mind and soul.
  Whether you are in need of vitamins or homeopathic remedies, a session on a sunbed, a visit to a herbalist or medical expertise of any kind, Grahamstown has it. For all its rustic charm, the city is at no disadvantage to provide the necessary services to ensure your emotional and physical well being.

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